Fireplace Service & Repair

Restoring Warmth and Efficiency to Your Home

Service & Repair

Not only are Carter Custom Construction one of the best Minneapolis fireplace dealers and installers, as well as designers and builders of the space to make it a reality, custom mantels, surrounds, and cabinets – we also perform fireplace service and repair.

If you think your fireplace needs service – whether you smell something different or want to tune it up for maximum efficiency – it’s always a safe bet to have fireplace service performed by a professional.

We can service pretty much any type of fireplace: gas, wood, or electric, and we can repair a fireplace insert, replace a fireplace door, or perform any fireplace renovation.

At Carter Custom Construction, we’re experts in fireplace safety and installation and ensuring you enjoy the comfort of your fireplace this season.

Tall, traditional brick fireplace with insert to represent the service and repair services offered by Carter Custom Construction

Fireplace or Stove Conversion


    If you own an existing fireplace or stove, there could be reasons why you would want a conversion to the “opposite” fuel type.


    Gas fireplaces and stoves can be converted to wood burning to enjoy the natural smell of wood and natural flame.


    Does your home have a wood-burning fireplace? You can convert it to a gas fireplace or stove for convenience and control.

    Either way, Carter Custom Construction has over 20 years of experience converting fireplaces and stoves, planning and designing gas lines and ventilation, and much more.

    Let’s talk about your ideal fireplace or stove fuel preferences and make it a reality!

    Ready to start your custom-made project?